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27 May
12:30 – 16:00
Walking: 25 чел.
"Priority directions of comfortable urban environment development in the Caspian region"
• Track “Integrated Development of Territories” is aimed at considering key issues of integrated development of territories in the regions, depending on their socioeconomic and geographical peculiarities. Representatives of development institutions in the housing sector of Russia, community councils for the formation of a green comfortable environment and specialized universities will discuss the creation of mechanisms for the development of a comfortable urban environment, mechanisms of state support for the spatial development of regions, implementation of sustainable housing projects. The operator and finalists of the international competition for the development of the Master Plan of the Astrakhan agglomeration will present the results of their work.
• Track “Aspects of Regions’ Urban Planning Policy” is aimed at joining the efforts of the State, scientific community, commercial structures and public organizations in addressing the issues of the balanced and sustainable development of settlements and urban districts by improving the quality of the urban environment and improving the appearance, architectural, stylistic and other characteristics of the capital construction projects and advanced digital solutions in all areas of urban life.
Session perticipants
Evgenia Murinets
Advisor to the Governor of Astrakhan region, Member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia on the formation of a comfortable urban environment
Oleg Polumordvinov
Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Astrakhan region
Anton Finogenov
Deputy Director-General of the DOM.RF Foundation
Olga Grishina
Head of the Department of Training Projects of the State Corporation, Housing and Communal Services Reform Foundation
Maria Permyakova
Head of the Municipality of Astrakhan
Nader Zali
Doctor, Professor of the University of Guilan, Department of Urban Design
Dmitry Kuznetsov
Deputy Head of the Department for Construction, Architecture and Urban Development of the Astrakhan City Municipality - Chief Architect
Zuriya Mendalieva
Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Astrakhan Oblast
Tatiana Zolina
Rector of Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Elena Popova
Head of the RTDA Unit for City-Planning Studies
Guy Eames
Chair of the Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC)
Ilkhomzhon Siddikov
Head of the Department of Energy Supply Systems, Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi
Maksud Sethmamatov
D.Sc. in Engineering, Professor, Head of Department of Architecture, Urgench State University
Konstantin Yakovenko
Head of Urban Construction and Economy Department, Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Makeyevka, DPR)
Igor Ovchinnikov
Chair professor of “Transport Construction”, Saratov State Technical University named after Yuri Gagarin.
Pavel Chelyshkov
Head of the Information Modeling Unit of the Research Center of Construction
Konstantin Artemiev
CEO of WireGeo LLC
Aleksandr Sheptunov
head of the Committee on ecology of the Association "Afanasiy Nikitin", Deputy General Director of NGO “Quantum Technologies” Ltd.

Информационные партнеры
"Innovative bio-agro-industrial technologies for agribusiness of the Caspian Sea"
Amin Ismailov
Head of the Soil Informatics Laboratory of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Corresponding Member)
Oleg Golozubov
senior scientist of Department of Soil Geography, Faculty of Soil Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Mikhail Baryshev
Acting Rector of Kuban State Technological University
Vladimir Lobanov
President of Kuban State Technological University
Irina Dubinina
CEO, Research and Production Enterprise “Sedek Domodedovo”
Galina Palatkina
Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Art, Service, and Culture, Astrakhan State University
Maksim Rezakov
Acting Director of the Institute for Educational Development
Liudmila Savvina
Vice-Rector for Science, Astrakhan State Conservatory
Anna Bakhareva
Head of the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Astrakhan State Technical University
Alexander Koshkarov
Head of the Project Office "Artificial Intelligence", Astrakhan State University
Roman Dubinskii
Manager of Astrakhan Branch No. 8625 of PJSC Sberbank
Anna Romanova
Director of the Institute for Research on the Problems of Southern Russia and the Caspian Sea Region, Astrakhan State University
Rashad Kurbanov
Advisor to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute for Legal Studies and Regional Integration, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
Ekaterina Zhuravleva
Deputy Head, Head of the Department of Science of Administration of the Governor of Belgorod region
Alexey Titov
Vice-Rector for Digitalization, Innovation and Priority Projects, Astrakhan State University
Yurii Maksimenko
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Astrakhan State Technical University
Alevtina Kirillova
Head of the Project Office of JSC "Russian Railways Logistics", Scientific Secretary of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Association "Afanasiy Nikitin"
Sergei Milushkin
Director General of SEZ Lotos JSC, Coordinator of the International Working Group on the Development of the North-South ITC
Larisa Udochkina
Head of International and Interregional Activities Office, Astrakhan State University at the Ministry of Health of Russia
Olga Ivanchuk
Head of Media and Information Technology Department, Astrakhan State University at the Ministry of Health of Russia
Mikhail Balykhin
Rector, Moscow State University of Food Engineering
Elena Ovsyannikova
Head of the Department for Licensing, Accreditation & Quality Control, Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine & Healthy Lifestyle, Astrakhan State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Victoria Barinova
Head of the aquaculture centre, Volga-Caspian branch of FSBSI “VNIRO” (CaspNIRKH)
"Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding and Technologies for the development of the World's Oceans"
Andrei Rodionov
CEO of Kronstadt - Navigation Systems of the Future
Evgenii Kazanov
Director of the National Center for Engineering Competitions and Contests
Dmitrii Nikushchenko
Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University
Alexander Pinskii
Director General of the MARINET Industry Center (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Supporting the Development of High Technologies in the Maritime Industry - MARINET Industry Center)
Alexey Borovkov
Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU)
Василий Гуцуляк
Алексей Сорупский
Олег Тимофеев