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27 May
11:30 – 13:00
Walking: 30 чел.
Open talk “Youth in a Geostrategic Region”
Participants of the open talk will discuss the role of the youth in the Caspian countries in achieving national and geostrategic goals, ensuring sustainable socioeconomic development of the Russian regions bordering on the Caspian sea, and the issues of forming efficient mechanisms for staffing innovation processes and retaining the talented youth in the Russian part of the Caspian Sea region, including participation in the implementation of activities of national projects “Science and Universities”, “Education”, “Digital Economy”.
Session perticipants
Dmitry Guzhelya
Director of the Department of Evaluation and Methodology of the ANO "Russia – the Land of Opportunities"
Evgenii Szhenov
Academic Director of the expert and analytical centre “Scientific & Educational Policy”
Egor Ugarov
Head of the Youth Affairs Agency of Astrakhan Region
Pavel Krasnorutsky
Chair of the Russian Union of Youth
Aleksandr Vedekhin
Deputy Director of the Department of State Youth Policy and Educational Activities of the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Валерия Черногородова
Daniel Romero
Professor, Director of the International Department of the University of Veracruz, Mexico
Amir Malekpour
Director of Technology and Innovation Development, Gilan Science and Technology Park, Iran
Mahmoud Saberi Motlagh
Executive Secretary of the Gilan Science and Technology Park Technopark Network, Iran
Noor Rizk
representative of the Gilan Science and Technology Park Technopark Network, Iran
Pernazza Federico
Full Professor, University of Molise, Italy
Джонгхи Ким
Kashish Parpiani
Full Member of the Observer Research Foundation
Patricio Barbirotto
International Law Expert at Ca'Foscari University, Italy
Людмила Баева

Информационные партнеры
Official opening of International Scientific Forum “Caspian Region 2021: Sustainable Development Trajectories”
Igor Babushkin
Governor of Astrakhan region
Aleksandr Sergeev
President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Konstantin Markelov
Rector of Astrakhan State University
Mikhail Bryukhanov
Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation
Mehdi Akouchekian
Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Astrakhan
Guich Garaev
Consul of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation in Astrakhan
Tauboldy Umbetbayev
Consul of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation in Astrakhan
Андрей Омельчук
"Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding and Technologies for the development of the World's Oceans"
Andrei Rodionov
CEO of Kronstadt - Navigation Systems of the Future
Evgenii Kazanov
Director of the National Center for Engineering Competitions and Contests
Dmitrii Nikushchenko
Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University
Alexander Pinskii
Director General of the MARINET Industry Center (Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for Supporting the Development of High Technologies in the Maritime Industry - MARINET Industry Center)
Alexey Borovkov
Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU)
Василий Гуцуляк
Алексей Сорупский
Олег Тимофеев
Андрей Бельянинов