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27 May
12:30 – 16:00
Walking: 12 чел.
"Innovative bio-agro-industrial technologies for agribusiness of the Caspian Sea"
The section "Innovative bio-agro-industrial technologies for agribusiness of the Caspian Sea" will consider the issues of sustainable development of vegetable sub-complex with plant protection system as the basis for import substitution in the Caspian Sea region within the framework of the problem of organizing the transfer of breakthrough technologies in the agroindustrial industrial space of the region and the Caspian region countries; relevant problems of zootechny, veterinary medicine and veterinary-sanitary service in the Caspian countries; discuss innovative agro-engineering technologies in the conditions of arid zones of the Caspian Sea region; define the progress of innovative development of fodder production in arid zones of the Caspian region; adopt an algorithm for using an electronic platform of big data in agriculture, including the training of future specialists.
Session perticipants
Ekaterina Zhuravleva
Deputy Head, Head of the Department of Science of Administration of the Governor of Belgorod region
Mikhail Balykhin
Rector, Moscow State University of Food Engineering
Mikhail Baryshev
Acting Rector of Kuban State Technological University
Vladimir Lobanov
President of Kuban State Technological University
Oleg Golozubov
senior scientist of Department of Soil Geography, Faculty of Soil Science, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Amin Ismailov
Head of the Soil Informatics Laboratory of the Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Corresponding Member)
Irina Dubinina
CEO, Research and Production Enterprise “Sedek Domodedovo”

Информационные партнеры
"Priority directions of aquaculture development in the Caspian Sea region"
Sergei Shipulin
Deputy Head of the Branch of CaspNIRKh Institute
Valerii Pospelov
President of the Food Security Unit of the International Informatization Academy with the general consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Elena Chertova
President of “Astrakhan Rybkhoz” Association
Szentlana Landjel
Associate Professor of Aquaculture, Szent István University, Hungary, Executive Secretary of Central and Eastern European Aquaculture Centres Network
Marklen Shukurov
Head of the Higher School of Ecology and Bioresources, NJSC “WKATU named after Zhangir Khan” (Kazakhstan)
Анжелика Ковалева